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Archive for August, 2012

New Payment Options for Web Hosting

Many of our clients prefer to pay for web hosting every few months, instead of monthly to save costs on transaction fees levied by their banks. We prefer payment to be made in advance and obviously clients want their invoices indicating the paid amount. Unfortunately our accounting system generated the invoices monthly and was not set up to deal with invoicing web hosting in advance.

We have now updated our system and clients have the following payment options for web hosting (amounts include VAT):

  • Monthly @ R57.00
  • Quarterly @ R167.58
  • Bi-anually @ R328.32
  • Anually @ R642.96

To make use of these payment options, you are welcome to contact us.


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Moving to the Dark Side

When I was employed as an Accountant for ULS in January 2012, I was asked: “Windows or Linux?” My obvious answer was Windows, since I was familiar with it, but my relationship with Windows products were always a bit shaky.
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