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Moving to the Dark Side

When I was employed as an Accountant for ULS in January 2012, I was asked: “Windows or Linux?” My obvious answer was Windows, since I was familiar with it, but my relationship with Windows products were always a bit shaky.

Working with Microsoft for more than fifteen years, I feared to do numbering in Word, hated the automatic updates, where I have no idea what they are doing on my computer and loathed new versions of their products. New, I realised, was not always better, it just meant that I had to relearn the location of items in the different menus.

So I started my job at ULS, working on the Windows operating system, but mostly using Linux applications like LibreOffice, GIMP and Quasar. I was especially impressed with GIMP, an image manipulation program. I have not worked with it before and had to learn from scratch how to use it. This was not a problem, since gimp.org as well as many other websites provide tutorials and manuals. I also realised that working with LibreOffice Writer was frustration free, a new experience, compared to Microsoft Word. I have also been bombarded with other more technical applications in Linux, like VIM and GIT.

The final transition came early in August, when I completely transferred to the Gentoo Linux operating system. I am happy to say that, with the help of our technicians, this change went smoothly. I enjoy the clean user-interface and I have noticed that some glitches that I have experienced in Microsoft has now disappeared. I wish I had the technical expertise to truly appreciate this operating system.

Next step: Linux on my home computer!

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