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Tariff update

Please note that effective January 2013 we will be making our first ever adjustment to our support tariffs. This is actually turning into a reduction for those clients who already have maintenance and support agreements in place with us.

Previously we charged a flat rate for remote support of R 350.00 per hour, R 450.00 for on-site support. After-hours was the only place where we made any kind of differentiation where we charged R 900.00 per hour for clients without a standby agreement and R 750.00 for clients with.

We will now be bringing in a few tiers for each level of support, we will also be improving our time aggregation algorithms.

Currently we’re always billing in increments of 1 hour, so whether a task takes 10 minutes, or 40 minutes, you pay for the full hour. As of January 2013 this will change to be a more incremental system, functioning on two tiers, depending on whether you have a support and maintenance agreement with Ultimate Linux Solutions or not.

We will also allow clients to commit for a certain amount of support from Ultimate Linux Solutions on a monthly basis, allowing for further reduction in price. These commitments needs to be made prior or on the 20th of the month preceding the month for which you’d like to commit for, and any changes to these commitment levels needs to also be sent through before or on the 20th of any given month.

Our updated tariffs (per hour) will be as per the following table:

Remote Support:
Ad-hoc R 350.00
With maintenance contract R 300.00
Committed for hours R 250.00
On-site Support:
Ad-hoc R 450.00
With maintenance contract R 400.00
Committed for hours R 350.00
After-hours Support:
Ad-hoc R 1200.00
With maintenance contract R 850.00
With standby contract R 750.00
Committed for hours R 700.00

Please note that any clients that does not have an explicit maintenance and support agreement with Ultimate Linux Solutions will fall into the Ad-hoc category. On site support will always be charged (and invoiced) on a per-callout basis with minimum one hour, billed in half-hour increments thereafter. In the case of remote support we will bill minimum half-an-hour per day, and in 15-minute increments thereafter. For clients with maintenance agreements we will bill remote support once-monthly in 15 minute increments.

There will also be minor changes to our callout fees, specifically we’re introducing a 5 and 10 km bracket, and unfortunately we had to slightly increase the callout fee for distances at 50 and 75km respecitively:

Distance Office-hours After-hours
Up to 5km R 35.00 R 65.00
6-10 km R 75.00 R 125.00
11-15 km R 100.00 R 180.00
16-25 km R 150.00 R 270.00
26-35 km R 200.00 R 360.00
36-50 km R 280.00 R 500.00
51-75 km R 390.00 R 700.00
>75 km (per km) R 5.00 R 9.00

Callout fees excludes any toll-fees that may be incurred during travel. Distance will be measured as if from Ultimate Linux Solutions’s offices during office hours, or as from the place the technician is driving outside of office hours.

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