Ultimate Linux Solutions:
Tel:+27 (0)87 351 3298
Fax:+27 (0)86 648 8561

Support Technician Position

Ultimate Linux Solutions is looking for two technicians to join our team. You’ll be working with
Linux, Linux and more Linux. And some Mikrotik, and sporadically some Ubiquity.

Our requirements are reasonably basic (and don’t require you to be fully familiar with everything immediately – there will be a learning curve):

  1. Basic linux experience (We use Gentoo Linux, mostly), most of us have LPIC certifications.
  2. No need for a degree (bonus).
  3. A basic understanding of TCP/IP (unless you’re one of the top-end CISCO guys you’re going to learn a lot).
  4. Basic understanding of Computer Hardware (x86 specifically).
  5. Technologies we work with on a day-to-day basis:
    • Linux
    • Radius
    • Asterisk (and everything that goes with that)
    • E-Mail (exim + courier-imap)
    • Apache (2.2 and 2.4)
    • PHP (mod php and more recently php-fpm)
    • MySQL (including clustered setups with DBs up to a few hundred GB)
    • IPSec (Both tunnel vs transport mode, as well as with and without l2tp)
    • tinc
    • Dynamic Routing (OSPF and BGP, some custom recipies)
    • DNS (pdns, djbdns/cache).
    • Wireless networking (backhaul links, client-access networks)
  6. Programming knowledge/experience a bonus (You will probably required to write a few
    scripts from time to time …, but if you can do more that would be awesome).

  7. Drivers license and own transport required (you will be required to drive to clients from
    time to time, we will re-imburse you for such travel).

  8. Communication skills are crucial (preferably both Afrikaans and English, most of our clients are native Afrikaans speaking).

To apply please send your CV to cv@uls.co.za. Salary negotiable based on knowledge and

Position available immediately.

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