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Launching of the ULS Virtual PBX

Ultimate Linux Solutions has for a long time now provided a PBX system for on-site use. Over the recent months we’ve been working towards a viable cost-effective solution of placing this in the cloud, whilst maintaining security, reliability and keeping as many of the features from our site-PBX system as possible. Previously our “mini-PBX” has been providing a limited set of features for those clients not looking to put a PBX system on site, but with the advent of our virtual-PBX almost all of the features from our full PBX is now available in the cloud.

A few highlights in terms of features from our Virtual-PBX system follows:

* Unlimited SIP (over either UDP or TCP) extensions.
* Time Conditions
* Call Queues
* Announcements
* PIN Codes
* Recording of calls
* Many, many more as per the manual.

This will be available at a fixed monthly cost of R 250.00/month, excluding VAT and call costs, and including 5GB worth of storage for recordings (excess recordings will be billed at a per GB rate on a monthly basis). IP phones and internet connectivity remain the responsibility of the client, even though Ultimate Linux Solutions can assist with configuration thereof.

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