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Johannes du Preez – a testimony to life

It is with a heavy heart that Ultimate Linux Solutions says goodbye to Johannes. Johannes passed away on February the fourth, 2013, at an age of 30 years. He’s been working with Ultimate Linux Solutions since December of last year and have already impacted in some form or another on most people here.
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Important arrangements for the festive season

The year is speeding to an end and most of us are looking forward to some well-deserved rest. Please take note that Ultimate Linux Solutions will be closing at 12:00 on December the 14th, we will re-open on January the 7th. A technician will be on standby during this time to assist with urgent queries.  In order to help make the process as smooth as possible for everyone, especially in terms of telephone messages, please see below.
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Moving to the Dark Side

When I was employed as an Accountant for ULS in January 2012, I was asked: “Windows or Linux?” My obvious answer was Windows, since I was familiar with it, but my relationship with Windows products were always a bit shaky.
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Admin/PA Post available

We are looking for a lady aged 25-35, that is well-organised and has good
people skills. To apply you must have a minimum of 3 years of experience as a
PA, with the ability and willingness to learn. You must also be a meticulous
worker and accurate with figures. General computer literacy is a requirement. A
good sense of humour is compulsory (you’ll be working with IT geeks).
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Kevin obtains his LPIC-1 certification

We have just received notification that Kevin passed his LPIC-1 exams he wrote earlier during the year!

Congratulations to Kevin who now joins the ranks of Stephen and myself within ULS who have already obtained this certification earlier.

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Welcome to the official ULS blog.

This is where we post any exciting news or updates.
From new technologies, to notable improvements, to new functionalities, this is where we announce it to the world.

As this blog is brand new, in it’s wrapper, still have the receipt and original packaging, it seems pretty empty. However over the next few weeks, we aim to increase the available content and give a general overview on our systems.

Also, not everything you’d read here will be purely ULS news or announcements, but will also cover and happenings or news directly related to important VoIP developments, known issues and interesting tidbits. As the saying goes, you can never be too well informed.

Feel free to use the RSS feed button to grab any news as it arrives, directly to your mail or news reader.

This was ULS waving hello,

The ULS Team

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