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ULS Wireless clients now able to self-topup

We have seen a critical need for our wireless clients to be able to self-topup their accounts. We have implemented this functionality and it is now possible for our clients to top-up their own accounts.
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Improved ULS Backup Service Pricing

Until recently our remote backup service for our ULS servers has been based purely on the amount of storage consumed, whereas the actual real big cost is bandwidth. Where the bandwidth component was often closer to 10% that of the consumed storage, the pricing has been rather steep all things considered. During the last month or so we’ve been working hard to build a bandwidth accounting mechanism surrounding the actual backup protocol and during the week we finally succeeded. This means that, as of the last few days, a new billing structure has been put in place.
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Tariff update

Please note that effective January 2013 we will be making our first ever adjustment to our support tariffs. This is actually turning into a reduction for those clients who already have maintenance and support agreements in place with us.
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ADSL Price Drop

Ultimate Linux Solutions is pleased to announce the following price changes, effective from 22 September 2012:

  • Local-only ADSL was R12.54 and dropped to R9.12. (decreased with 27%)
  • Lite ADSL was R18.24 and dropped to R13.68. (decreased with 25%)
  • International ADSL was R36.48 and dropped to R25.65. (decreased with 30%)
  • Unshaped ADSL was R62.70 and dropped to R43.32. (decreased with 31%)

Prices includes VAT.

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New Payment Options for Web Hosting

Many of our clients prefer to pay for web hosting every few months, instead of monthly to save costs on transaction fees levied by their banks. We prefer payment to be made in advance and obviously clients want their invoices indicating the paid amount. Unfortunately our accounting system generated the invoices monthly and was not set up to deal with invoicing web hosting in advance.

We have now updated our system and clients have the following payment options for web hosting (amounts include VAT):

  • Monthly @ R57.00
  • Quarterly @ R167.58
  • Bi-anually @ R328.32
  • Anually @ R642.96

To make use of these payment options, you are welcome to contact us.


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