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Support Technician Position

Ultimate Linux Solutions is looking for two technicians to join our team. You’ll be working with
Linux, Linux and more Linux. And some Mikrotik, and sporadically some Ubiquity.
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Do you utilize Email Notifications on your ADSL account?

At Ultimate Linux Solutions we have different types of email notifications, informing our ADSL clients about changes on their account. Clients can set up these notifications on the control panel themselves, or submit a request to accounts@uls.co.za.  Notifications may be send to more than one email address.

Be informed to prevent abuse or mistakes on your account:

To monitor daily ADSL usage, you can set up a Nightly usage email notification. If you observe unusual usage, it is prudent to investigate immediately to determine abuse on your account.

It is also recommended to set up a Topup notification which will notify you each time a topup has been made on your account. Match these notifications with the invoices received and if there is any discrepancy between the amounts on the notification and those on the invoices, please let us know. Usually topups are invoiced immediately after they have been made.

Prevent running out of Gigabytes:

For clients loading more than 1 gigabyte (GB) at a time, a Low topup warning can be set at 1GB so that you will be notified when this amount is left on your account. If you load 1GB at a time, the Usage threshold notification can be set at a percentage, for example 95%. In this case, you will be notified when 95% of that gigabyte has been used.

These are a few tools Ultimate Linux Solutions provides to our clients to manage their accounts with us. If you have any suggestions on improving or adding to these notifications, please let us know.

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