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ADSL Price Drop

Ultimate Linux Solutions is pleased to announce the following price changes, effective from 22 September 2012:

  • Local-only ADSL was R12.54 and dropped to R9.12. (decreased with 27%)
  • Lite ADSL was R18.24 and dropped to R13.68. (decreased with 25%)
  • International ADSL was R36.48 and dropped to R25.65. (decreased with 30%)
  • Unshaped ADSL was R62.70 and dropped to R43.32. (decreased with 31%)

Prices includes VAT.

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Fax over IP

Faxing over VoIP is notorious for simply not working. After much hard work we have finally managed to secure T.38 peerings with all of our peering providers and are able to now support Fax-over-IP (FoIP).
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New Payment Options for Web Hosting

Many of our clients prefer to pay for web hosting every few months, instead of monthly to save costs on transaction fees levied by their banks. We prefer payment to be made in advance and obviously clients want their invoices indicating the paid amount. Unfortunately our accounting system generated the invoices monthly and was not set up to deal with invoicing web hosting in advance.

We have now updated our system and clients have the following payment options for web hosting (amounts include VAT):

  • Monthly @ R57.00
  • Quarterly @ R167.58
  • Bi-anually @ R328.32
  • Anually @ R642.96

To make use of these payment options, you are welcome to contact us.


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Moving to the Dark Side

When I was employed as an Accountant for ULS in January 2012, I was asked: “Windows or Linux?” My obvious answer was Windows, since I was familiar with it, but my relationship with Windows products were always a bit shaky.
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Cost synchronization between core VoIP Switches and our PBX systems

In order to provide costing information regarding internal users to management a system like MAN3000 was usually implemented. Ultimate Linux Solutions has for a long time now included a rather stable system for calculating call costs on a prefix basis, including minimum call costs and non-per-second billing scenarios. This however doesn’t cater for the rather insane number of International destinations, the horde of local minor operators, nor for number porting – be it geographic or mobile. A better solution had to be deviced.

As of today the ULS PBX systems have gained the ability to when making use of ULS as ITSP to syncronize the cost of calls back onto the PBX post-call in order to get an accurate cost directly from the core switches. This means that you don’t need to load the 32’000 or so prefixes we have in our database, nor do you need to take the 1’200’000 or so numbers currently ported to alternate operators into consideration when setting up your call cost estimators.

This integration will happen automatically on new PBX systems.

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My top feature of our VOIP solution

If I had to make a list of features of our VoIP telephone solution, the control panel will be on top of my list. This is the one feature which makes a variety of our other features directly accessible by our clients. All you need is a username and password to connect to this interface via your web browser.

Using this interface, you can gain access to information with regards to your account. The latest pricing schedule is available here, listing the prices for making calls to all available networks. The control panel is especially helpful for pre-paying clients, showing their available credit, as well as dates on which credit was allocated to their account. Ultimate Linux Solutions emails their VoIP clients a Call Detail Record (CDR) with their monthly bill. It is also possible to download these CDR’s from the control panel in a variety of formats (HTML, PDF and CSV).

Not only can clients gain access to information concerning their account, they can also make some changes to the settings of their telephone connection. Before attempting this, please make sure that you understand the functionality as well as cost implications for each setting.

To receive a username and password for your account, please contact us at accounts@uls.co.za.

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Active monitoring of Telkom (DAHDI) lines

Whilst ULS was always cutting edge in terms of what’s going on, and often was aware of problems even before clients picked up on them we have now added code to our systems so that we will be more likely to be aware of Telkom line failures even before you are! This will mean that we can react quicker and get problems resolved faster.

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PAYS now supports Credit Card payments

We have finally managed to get our Credit Card gateway up and running for ULS. Initially the only supported service is our Pay As You Surf hotspots.

The next item to follow will be topups for our ADSL accounts, hopefully followed by online account signup, to be followed by VoIP services!
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Admin/PA Post available

We are looking for a lady aged 25-35, that is well-organised and has good
people skills. To apply you must have a minimum of 3 years of experience as a
PA, with the ability and willingness to learn. You must also be a meticulous
worker and accurate with figures. General computer literacy is a requirement. A
good sense of humour is compulsory (you’ll be working with IT geeks).
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Kevin obtains his LPIC-1 certification

We have just received notification that Kevin passed his LPIC-1 exams he wrote earlier during the year!

Congratulations to Kevin who now joins the ranks of Stephen and myself within ULS who have already obtained this certification earlier.

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